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Laser in the dental surgery

For more than forty years lasers have been applied in medicine and dental medicine. Primarily in therapy as well as in diagnostics. Our practice also uses the laser in surgery, and this for good reasons:

  • The oral mucosa is a very good blood supplied organ. With the application of a laser in surgical interventions in this area, an operation occurs almost completely without bleeding and considerably less traumatically.
  • the treatment occurs less painfully and an anesthesia is hardly necessary. After the numbing effect the patient is usually already pain free.
  • surgical cuts are much more precise than with a scalpel and there is virtually no loss of healthy tissue.
  • No seam is required and
  • Extracted tissue can be used for histological examinations
  • In addition, healthy tissue is obtained by exact selection and is not damaged.
  • In contrast to the application of an electric scalpel during the removal of tissue, patients can also be treated with a cardiac pacemaker.

Possible operational areas for a laser in dental surgery are

  • the opening of abscesses
  • the gingivectomy (gum demolition during the formation of pockets)
  • the removal of the tooth's root points (WSR) or the exposure of teeth.
  • • as well as herpes- & aphtha treatment

We perform all dental surgical interventions in our practice.

Preparation of the OP
Application of the WaterlaseMD™

In addition there is/are:

  • Extractions;
  • Removal of Wisdom teeth;
  • Root tip resections;
  • Cyst operations;
  • Lips and tongue plastic bands by means of a laser;
  • Abscess openings by means of a laser;
  • Practice excisions and fine tissue examination;
  • Jaw reconstruction (Augmentation);
  • Implantology

The majority of surgical procedures can also be done without the use of a laser when requested.

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