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Individual prophylaxis
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The path to a nice and healthy set of teeth an entire life long requires systematic care and attention.

Prophylaxis is the most important branch of dentistry. Disregarding these, merits all other measures as senseless. The biotope of the oral cavity influences one's general well-being far more than is acknowledged or accepted. The mouth acts as the absorber of nutrients and enables us speech, feelings are expressed through it. In addition to being a prop to the lips and cheeks, the teeth are of great importance to the appearance of the face. Healthy teeth are a gift, underlining the feeling of general health.

Teeth and gums fallen ill are not hard to come by. A large percentage of the population is affected by oral diseases. Nevertheless, dentists can help to prevent the slow and often painful damage of teeth and the surrounding tissue. There are few aspects of dentistry that are as effective and indisputable as the measures of prevention. Following long-standing experience with prophylaxis and founded on the results of international research, dentists can offer a program of prevention which is successful when consequently followed through. Thus treatments for existing damages in tooth and gums are only sensible if an intensive, organized and controlled prophylaxis is pursued.

Possible steps of a prophylaxis treatment



  1. Initial condition before the consultation
  2. Coloring of the layers
  3. Prof. cleaning with ultrasound
  4. Prof. cleaning with hand instrument
  5. Polishing of the teeth with powder ray device
  6. Polishing of the teeth with polishing paste
  7. Coating of the teeth
  8. Purpose of treatment: clean and healthy teeth
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What distinguishes the systematic and organized individual prophylaxis from the standard prophylaxis?

No age limit

Also before the 6th and after the 18th year of age, many patients suffer from caries.
Dentists recommend the systematic individual prophylaxis for all age groups.


Dentists are aware that domestic dental care is not sufficient. That is why they apply professional mechanical teeth-cleaning during the systematic individual prophylaxis. Only using this method of prophylaxis treatment is the dentist able to use Fluoride in very small quantities sensibly and efficiently. Scientific knowledge determines the style and character of these measures.


Frequency and expenditure of time for prophylaxis measures depend on the individual needs of the patient and are not limited by the regulations of the health insurance scheme.

Time Allocation

The available treatment time is determined individually. Good prophylaxis requires time and patience!

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